Before repaired
22,000 ltr poly water tank with split outlet.
after repaired.

Another Poly Tank Repaired today in Brisbane by one of our qualified technicians using only the best and latest technology available with our fully equipped Mobile on-site 4wd work shop with all power needs on board and another poly tank completed prior to the Xmas festive season as it’s now just around the corner and a precious gift that falls from the sky is running into your plastic tank.

More frequently coming into the warmer months now getting closer to Christmas and with a another happy new year 2019  just around the corner and with it comes allot more rain and very hot weather that is ideal conditions for your plastic water tank to fail as these adverse conditions along with bad storms causing terrestrial rains all lead to tank failure.

Catching up guys, to get your leaking rain water tank repaired by Ace Mobile Plastics as we don’t want you missing out the free drops from the skkkkkky. 

Are you ready to catch those drops of precious water with your poly tank.

We are expert poly welders with the highest of expertee’s for the repairs of all types of plastic rain water tanks. 

We endeavour to always achieve the mvery highest quality plastic welding available that leads to very happy customers getting their tank repaired with no fuss and are able to put their feet up to enjoy the festive Christmas season with plenty of water in your poly tank available for any use thats needed though out the Xmas festive season and if you haven’t already got your plastic tank welded yet ,call one of our highly qualified plastic tank repair specialist today to have your poly tank repaired.

and if your unable to have Ace Mobile Plastics P/L come to repair your plastic rain water tank prior to the Xmas festive season,

we are more than happy to come and repair your plastic water tank anytime though out and over the festive Christmas season with always a smile to greet you.

Ace Mobile Plastics specialise in on-site mobile plastic welding to all types and sizes and any brand of Poly Tanks No matter the material type whether being Polyethylene polypropylene or the many cross-link materials being used in today’s world we operate a fully independent 4wd mobile workshop with its own power supply for the places with no power available and Family owned and operated with 80 years combined Plastics Welding and Poly Tank Repairs experience.

Repair your Plastic/ poly leaking water tank today and let the water tank be full to the brim to fill the pool to enjoy over the Xmas festive season period.

Book in today by calling our friendly team on ph 0415169734 or email click here.

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3000ltr slimline

Split prior to repair

After repaired
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