Plastic Repairs

Ace Mobile Plastics specialise in plastic welding and plastic repairs on anything poly and plastic. Our level of service and quality of plastic repairs is second to none. Ace Mobile Plastics can repair general household poly/plastic products, hobie craft kyaks & cats, and large industrial through to commercial poly/plastic products including bulk chemical tanks.

We also repair plastic septic tanks, plastic waste water tanks and plastic grease traps.

We can weld cross link poly fuel tanks

Cross link polyethylene is known to be an un-weldable plastic. Ace Mobile Plastic specialise in welding repairs of cross link poly. Many fuel tanks for motorbikes and cars as well as holding tanks for bobcats, earthmoving equipment, logging machines. tractors, kayaks and the like, are made from cross link polyethylene. Ace Mobile Plastics are one of the ONLY cross link poly welders worldwide. Ace mobile plastics can save you on costly cross link polyethylene fuel tank and tank repairs and plastic product replacements. Ace Mobile Plastics can also weld cross link polys ON SITE, this means we can even repair most boat fuel tanks.

Before and After shots – These are only some examples of what Ace Mobile Plastics can repair, including poly plastic repair before and after’s. Having been in the industry for over 10 years, Ace mobile plastics is your number one choice for poly product repairs.

We repair anything

We can repair poly portable toilets

Kayak Repairs

Poly portable toilets repairs

Poly Boat Repairs

Poly Boat Repairs

Poly Spa Bath Repairs

Poly Plastic Trailer Repairs

Poly Plastic Trailer Repairs

Poly Plastic Wash Bays

Road Barrier Repairs

Chemical mixer repairs

Reverse Osmosis System Repairs

Pontoon repairs

Before & After Poly Pontoon repairs

AFTER – Repaired poly pontoon

Poly Boat Pontoon

Superior Boat Pontoon

The pontoon repair proces

Sinking boat pontoon

Lifting the damaged pontoon out of the water

On dry land – the poly plastic welding repair begins

Cleaned repair section – Black poly welded repair

Crane lifting the pontoon back in the water

AFTER – One repaired and FLOATING boat pontoon


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