Poly Tank Repair Brisbane

Does Flex Tape type products work when doing poly tank repairs ?


Failed Poly tank repair Brisbane by customer using Flex Tape type of product.

Why does Flex Tape type of products don’t seem to stick well when trying to repair your poly rain water tank ?

Poly tanks generally made from Petrochemical based plastic materials making the materials oily and waxy similar to your house hold Teflon oily fry pan making it near impossible to stick or glue any adhesives products to your poly water tank .

Although allot of our customers have used these types of adhesive products all claiming to be a wonder repair product only to find there poly tank repair failed shortly after there tank filled with rain water only needing to empty there tank again.

All repaired by plastic welding.

Plastic welding poly tanks requirers intellect capital and allot of experience using specialist plastic welding equipment to achieve good quality plastic tank welding repairs.

Plastic welding is not an adhesive, the plastic weld process allows the tank materials and the welding materials to melt mix and become one piece of plastic similar to welding steel and when done professionally resulting in a high strength permanent plastic welding repair extending the life for your poly tank allowing you to use your poly tank for water storage system once again.

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