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Split rain Water poly tank after                    some rain

Ace Mobile Plastics Services All in and around the Maleny areas from the coast to all out back regional farming areas and up and down the coastal areas as well. Ace Mobile Plastics are the best in the business boasting many year of experience that enable us to do a hi quality job always for every customer in every situation no matter how small or large the job is as we have experience in all fields of plastic welding including the welding of all poly materials also known as (PE) Polyethylene and (PP) polypropylene and even the welding of  all cross links , X.P.E and XLPE as they are some times known as. We also are highly experienced in welding all industrial plastics like PVC, PE, PP, PVDF, ABS, PA, POM and many more.

Bushman poly tank repair.

Ace Mobile Plastics are poly welding specialist and do plastic welding repairs to all types of plastic water tanks in and around Maleny.

Ace Mobile Plastics repair all brands, shapes and sizes of poly tanks in Maleny. Repairing plastic tanks is a lot more feesable over the cost of replacing one as in the event of replacing there’s the cost of disconnecting removable of the old plastic tank and then the reconnecting and installing of a new tank, not to mention the cost of the rain water tank to purchase to begin with.

Slimline tank repair.

Ace Mobile Plastics always comes with the intentions to repair your rain water tank on the same day of the inspection to reduce the time your without water.

Ace Mobile Plastics are highly experienced with all the knowledge needed to repair your rain water tank Ace Mobile Plastics are able to colour match your tank repair, ask Ace Mobile Plastics if your needing this service.

poly tank roof repair.

Ace Mobile Plastics only use the best plastic welding equipment and materials available to do the best repair job every time with a guarantee.

Ace Mobile Plastics can repair your poly tank today just call one of our team members to arrange an onsite inspection today

For more inquiries and information about plastic tank welding please click here to contact our friendly team or call on 0415169734 to talk to us directly or Visit our website to see the awesome jobs we have done.  We guarantee to fix your split, crack, or damaged Plastic rain water tank.

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