Do u have a leaking poly tank ??? And live in or around the Lismore Nothern Rivers region ?? Contact us now to arrange an inspection and to have your plastic rain water tank repaired instead of replacing and save thousands.

Poly tank repairs 

Ace Mobile Plastics are your poly tank repair specialist ready to help with your leaking poly rain water tank, we service all Lismore and surrounding areas from the coastal areas to the outback rural farming communities repairing damaged, split ,large cracks or collapsed roofs that need to be repaired as this is our specialty, know matter how large or small your job is or how large or small your poly rain water tank is, we are able to repair every brand any size and any shape even poly slimlines we are experts in the repairs of all plastic tanks around the Lismore Northern Rivers region whether it’s a poly tank holding water or molasses or chemicals, if the tank hold liquid and needs repairing we can plastic weld all of them and guruatee to fix your leak.

Bushman poly tank repairs.

if you considered that the replacement cost of any type of plastic tank whether it being even a small one or a large one in any type of material like poly, concrete, tin, or even Fibeglas can be very costly and may run into the thousands as the old plastic rain water tank needs to have all the pipe work disconnected and then the huge job of trying to completely empty the poly tank and then trying to handle the water tank while removing the plastic tank off its base, then once removed you have the expensive cost of purchasing the new tank and the added delivery charge not to mention you may need to have to prepair a new base for the new plastic water tank to sit on, then the huge job of trying to place the tank on the base and getting it to sit where you need it to sit ready for the reconnection of existing pipe work or new pipe work and eventually costing upwards of $3000.00 or more in many cases depending on the size and situation of the tank and that’s doing the work you’re self, so it can be a very expensive exercise replacing your leaking poly tank over the more very economical plastic welding repairs.

plastic welding poly tank outlet.

We repair your plastic tank using a method called plastic welding and in most cases using various types of plastic extrusion welding equipment as these types of welding equipment produced a super high strength weld nearly indestructible.

Have you got a leaking outlet or inlet on your poly tank ??? this is a common problem that can happen at times as there are many reasons why this happens but one of the major causes of this problem is lack of flex in the pipe work leading from the tap at the bottom of your rain water tank going to your water pump.

We are a fully self contained mobile 4X4 one stop shop plastic welding work shop that can go to all those hard to get to spots

Ace Mobile Plastics also repair,

  • Plastic spray tanks
  • Tractor Fuel Tank
  • Plastic diesel tanks
  • Plastic tranporter tanks
  • Plastic water cartage tanks
  • Plastic chemical tanks
  • Plastic storage tanks
  • Commercial cleaning equipment tanks
  • plastic boats
  • kayaks
  • Plastic pontoons
  • Boat hydro lifts

For more inquiries and information about plastic tank welding please click here to contact our friendly team or call on 0415169734 to talk to us directly or Visit our website to see the awesome jobs we have done.  We guarantee to fix your split, crack, or damaged Plastic rain water tank.

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