22,000ltr Bushmans leaking split tank outlet.

Ace Mobile Plastics are plastic welding experts repairing all leaking plastic water tanks on the Mid Coast around Wauchope, Kew, Kendall, Laurieton, Middle Brother, Johns River, Moorland, Coralville, coopernook, Crowdy Head, Harrington, Kundle Kundle, Mitchell’s Island, Manning Mo Point, Oxley Island, Moto, Jones island, Croke, Ghinni Ghinni, Taree, Forster, Tuncurry, Wootton, Bulahdala, and all surrounding areas.

Leaking split water tank outlet before repaired.

After repaired.

Ace Mobile Plastics repair all leaking split cracked plastic water tanks and damaged collapsed plastic tank Roofs of any shape, size or brand. including but not only Bushmans, Tankmaster, Rapidplas, Teem poly, Duraplas, Tank World, Clark Tanks just to name a few.

Before repaired.
22,500 Tankmaster collapsed roof repair

After Repaired.

Contact www.acemobileplastics.com.au today to have your plastic tank plastic welded and repaired.

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