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     Cracked poly tank with missing outlet

New outlet plastic welded into poly tank and cracked all plastic welded, fixed ready to hold liquid once again


Large 5000 gal/23000 LTRS plastic welding repair

3000 Poly Slimline plastic water tank repair













Ace Mobile Plastics Services all in and around Toowoomba areas to all out back regional farming areas. Ace Mobile Plastics are the best in the business boasting many year of experience that enable us to do a hi quality job always for every customer in every situation no matter how small or large the job is as we have experience in all fields of plastic welding including the welding of all poly materials also known as (PE) Polyethylene and (PP) polypropylene and even the welding of  all cross links , X.P.E and XLPE as they are some times known as, allot of tractor diesel plastic poly fuel tanks are made from in todays times. We also are highly experienced in welding all industrial plastics like PVC, PE, PP, PVDF, ABS, PA, POM and many more.

Ace mobile plastics have a one stop shop fully mobile 4X4 onsite work shop that carries all the required hi tech latest plastic welding equipment and materials and power needs to provide our customers with the very best job on site on the spot on the same day of inspection with a guarantee so our customers can always be confident that they received the very best job possible confidants and most plastic welding jobs are welded using various types of extrusion welding equipment as extrusion welders are like a huge hot glue gun that welds with a continuous stream of welding malt giving the plastic weld repair zone with the highest strength possible out of all welding technics. Ace Mobile Plastics also are specialist plastic welders doing injection welding, slug welding, hot air plastic welding and hot plate welding of all plastics.

Ace Mobile Plastics are highly qualified in the welding repairs of all Plastic Water Tanks including damaged tanks, split plastic tanks ,split water tanks ,split rain water tanks, split poly tanks, split poly rain water tanks, cracked plastic tank repairs , cracked plastic rain water tank repairs and cracked tank repairs in and around Cairns QLD and also we repair all shapes, brands, sizes and variations as we are independent repairers so we are not obligated in any way to any one company and for this reason we repair any plastic tank that needs to be repaired including Plastic Slimline Water Tanks Repairs

Ace Mobile Plastics services all areas in and around Toowoomba including Gatton , Clifton, Miles, Oaky, Dalby, Quinlow, and Yarraman. know matter how large or small the job is we can take care of it for you as we have a depot in Toowoomba that allows us to service Toowoomba and all suronding areas easly. We are your local plastic poly tank repairer in Toowoomba.

For more inquiries and information about plastic tank welding please click here to contact our friendly team or call on 0415169734 to talk to us directly or Visit our website to see the awesome jobs we have done.  We guarantee to fix your split, crack, or damaged Plastic tank.


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