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Ace Mobile Plastics Services all in and around the Biloela areas to all out back regional  farming areas and up and down the coastal areas as well. Ace Mobile Plastics are the best in the business boasting many year of experience that enable us to do a hi quality job always for every customer in every situation no matter how small or large the job is as we have experience in all fields of plastic welding including the welding of all poly materials also known as (PE) Polyethylene and (PP) polypropylene and even the welding of  all cross links , X.P.E and XLPE as they are some times known as. We also are highly experienced in welding all industrial plastics like PVC, PE, PP, PVDF, ABS, PA, POM and many more.

poly tank repairs are done using a method called plastic welding this is a process in most cases using the precise heat, correct speed, correct weld materials and using one of the correct many specialized plastic welding equipment tools available to suit the individual job being performed at the time and with all these put together correctly the welding process is as strong or stronger then the parent material being welded.

Plastics like (PE) Polyethylene and (PP) Polypropylene have a high abrasive wear and tear resistance against environmental conditions and that’s one of the many reason plastic tanks are widely used through out many industries including the chemical, industrial, commercial, rural, farming, and domestic areas. Although these (PE) and (PP) are very tough, water proof and durable and that’s why these materials are favored in there use when manufacturing poly tanks to hold all sorts of liquids. Although at times they can suffer from an array of un for seen problems when being designed, engineered , manufactured and in handling of these poly tanks especially when being delivered or in moving the poly tanks, and in the placement and installation plastic tanks can easily become damaged. Plastic tanks also as they age can suffer from wear and tear due to heat and cold climate changes from winter to summer and filling and emptying that leads to expansion and contraction and over time failure of the poly plastic tanks.

Ace mobile plastics have a one stop shop fully mobile 4X4 onsite work shop that carries all the required hi tech latest plastic welding equipment and materials and power needs to provide our customers with the very best job on site on the spot on the same day of inspection with a guarantee so our customers can always be confident that they received the very best job possible confidants and most plastic welding jobs are welded using various types of extrusion welding equipment as extrusion welders are like a huge hot glue gun that welds with a continuous stream of welding malt giving the plastic weld repair zone with the highest strength possible out of all welding technics.

Ace Mobile Plastics also are specialist plastic welders doing injection welding, slug welding, hot air plastic welding and hot plate welding of all plastics. Ace Mobile Plastics are highly qualified in the welding repairs of all plastic water tanks including damaged tanks, split plastic tanks ,split water tanks ,split rain water tanks, split poly tanks, split poly rain water tanks, cracked plastic tank repairs , cracked plastic rain water tank repairs and cracked tank repairs in and around Biloela QLD and also we repair all shapes, brands, sizes and variations as we are independent repairers so we are not obligated in any way to any one company and for this reason we repair any plastic tank that needs to be repaired including Plastic Slimline Water Tanks Repairs Biloela QLD, Stand Against The Wall Plastic Rain Water Tank Repairs Cairns , Tank Repairs Gladstone QLD, Rain Water Tank Repairs Biloela QLD, Plastic Rain Water Tank Repairs Biloela QLD, Plastic Tank Welding Biloela QLD, Tank Welding Biloela QLD, Extrusion Welding Biloela QLD, Poly Tank Welding Biloela QLD, Poly Tank Repairs Biloela QLD, Poly Rain Water Tank Repairs Biloela QLD, Plastic Welding Biloela QLD, Plastic Rain Water Tank Welding Gladstone Qld and all Plastic Storage Tanks Biloela QLD. Plastic Diesel Tank, Fuel tank and petrol Tank repairs.

Ace Mobile Plastics repair all plastic Molasses tanks for the rural, farming and the dairy sectors, at times these plastic tanks holding molasses can fail due to wear and tear from filling and emptying and from holding the heavy weight of molasses and need plastic welding. we are highly qualified molasses tank welders and have been repairing molasses plastic tanks for many years.

Molasses poly tank

We also carry on board our mobile work shop all the required poly weld on outlets and inlet fittings that need to be plastic onto your poly plastic tank in the event of an outlet or inlet that has been damaged or is split or just know longer able to be used or wanted, we also carry in most cases spare poly sheet materials to use when repairing your rain water tank, so if your poly tank needs a large opening or damaged section to be repaired and plastic welded back together again we are able to do the job on the same day of the inspection in most cases.

Ace Mobile Plastics are highly experienced Plastic welders of plastic diesel tanks fuel tanks, poly diesel tanks, tractor diesel tanks, fuel tanks, petrol tanks, and all cross links also known as XLPE and XPE petrol diesel tanks normally known as un weld-able but Ace Mobile Plastics not only welds all of these plastic tanks made out of different types of materials but we guarantee to fix your leak every time with a smile.

Plastic fuel tank made from X-linked XPE polyethylene, YES WE CAN REPAIR ALL XPE X-linked polys

Ace Mobile Plastics repair all brands, shapes and sizes of plastic chemical tanks, plastic spray tanks , poly spray tanks, plastic poly transporter cartage tanks and and all things made from poly. Ace Mobile Plastics are experts in repairing plastic pontoons, poly pontoons, plastic boats and poly boats, in the marine industries.

Poly rain water tanks now days are all made in many different colours and at times we are asked to match the colour of the plastic tank being repaired and in most cases we are able to get very close or the same colour although the old plastic tank colour may have faded from being in the sun over the years so at times the exact colour of the plastic tank was originally made from may no longer be a exact match to the plastic weld anymore but we always try our best.

Ace Mobile Plastics are highly experienced in repairing collapsed plastic water tank roofs, plastic tanks with poles holding the roofs up at times can push through the poly tank roof and eventually causing the poly tank roof to collapse leaving the poly tank roof acting like a large funnel and eventually filling your tank with leaves dirt and mosquito larvae. when we do plastic tank roof repairs there is no need to empty your tank as we do all the roof lifting and plastic welding repair work from the top of your plastic rainwater tank leaving u with your existing tank of water that u originally had and with no loss of water and your roof raised and fixed ready to go.

Plastic tank roof repairs

Collapsed poly tank roof after it was repair and the roof was plastic welded and reinforced with the pole now locked into a end cap limiting the pole ever going though the roof or falling over again and all work achieved while the water was left in the poly tank and no loss of water.


Ace mobile plastics are a family owned and operated company with many years of experience in industrial, commercial, rural and domestic sectors, so if you have any thing made from plastic that needs to be repaired let us know and we can repair for you.

For more inquiries and information about plastic tank welding please click here to contact our friendly team or call on 0415169734 to talk to us directly or Visit our website to see the awesome jobs we have done.  We guarantee to fix your split, crack, or damaged Plastic rain water tank.

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