Last Christmas, I gave you my word, and the very next day, you filled up your this year you won’t ring me again. Cause you know my welding works successfully. I save up your tears and we wish you all have a merry Christmas 🎄 2020.

Ace Mobile Plastics has been always in plastic welding service. Even though we walk through the rough roads.

2020 this year everyone knows it’s a tough year for everyone but we work through together. A lot of things happened, changed, but we won’t.
Ace Mobile Plastics will be always here with you when you need the valuable water tank needing repair as we are always stand behind our principles assured the quality work with plastic welding repair on every poly water tanks, pontoon, kayaks, polyboats , plastic fuel tanks. We come to you mobile is our priority. We cherish, help and support the community and local old business while the difficult time. But no we are walking into sunshine now. As we are all in this together.

Ace Mobile Plastics is a one of few oldest plastic welding industry leading company in Australia and still in business. We are Australia family owned and operated for combined with 90 years experience this year now. Not only decades. We wish to celebrate our big day, cheer and share with everybody and may you all have Good Christmas.

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Plastic welding service
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