Plastic Welding Rain Water Tank Repair

Plastic welding all split, cracked and damaged leaking poly tanks of any brand size or shape.
we provide mobile on-site plastic welding services ready to plastic weld your leaking plastic tanks.

Plastic rain water tank repairs.

Recently Ace Mobile Plastics has been plastic welding Plastic water tanks in Forster and the Tuncurry areas.

Ace Mobile Plastics repaired two 22,000 litres / 5000 Gallons poly tanks with collapsed roofs near Forster and Tuncurry at coomba Park using our professional repair system we were able to repair the collapsed poly water tank roofs entirely from the outside without emptying the water tank allowing our customer to continue using there tank water while the water tank was being repaired.

Collapsed plastic tank roof before repaired

After repaired

Before Repaired


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