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Split side wall in a 30,000 ltr / 6500 gallon on a poly tank brand bore water holding plastic tank


Plastic welding job on a Poly Tank Brand tank 6500 gallon

Split 23,000 ltr rain water tank repair

Ace Mobile Plastics service all of (QLD) Queensland, (ACT), (NSW) New South Wales and northern (VIC) Victoria we specialize in plastic tank welding repairs and with 80 years of combined experience there’s no job to big for our plastic welders, all our plastic tank welders are highly qualified technicians that provide only top quality plastic tank welding.


Our plastic tank welder team are able to repair your rain water tank  on the same day we attend your site no matter where your rain water tank is situated due to our fully self contained 4X4 mobile work shop with everything needed to fully plastic weld your rain water tank.

Our plastic tanks welders are fully trained highly qualified technicians and provide only the best plastic welding applications for the individual plastic tank that needs to be repaired. Every plastic tank welding job is different and most times needs a different plan of attack to achieve the best results every time and In most cases using electronic plastic welding equipment that achieves as strong or stronger than the parent material of the tank being repaired.

Ace Mobile Plastics are specialist (PE) polyethylene and

(pp) polypropylene plastic tank welders. most plastic tanks are made from grades of poly that are robust durable tough materials and normally has a long life span but at times can fail due to many reasons like poor design and engineering issues, poor installation, seam problems, air bubble problems, wall thickness issues, roof collapsing issues, side wall splitting or cracking issues, base support floor problems and heat and cold expansion problems that over time may lead to needing some sort of plastic tank welding to repair your plastic rain water tank back to a tank holding water.

Ace Mobile Plastics can even plastic weld tanks in the same colour, so if you require your plastic welding repair to be the same colour as your tank just let us know the colour of your plastic rain water tank prior to us coming to repair your rain water tank and we are more than happy to help.

Ace Mobile Plastics repair any colour shape brand or size plastic rain water tanks and are independent stand alone plastic tank welders and for this reason we  are able to weld any brand no matter who made it.

We are Mobile plastic tank welders that services all of (QLD) Queensland and (NSW) New South Wales and Northern (Vic) Victoria.

Another beautiful day plastic welding another               split Bushmans water tank.

For more inquiries and information about plastic tank welding please click here to contact our friendly team or call on 0415169734 to talk to us directly or Visit our website to see the awesome jobs we have done.  We guarantee to fix your split, crack, or damaged Plastic rain water tank.






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