Brisbane Slimline Plastic Welding Plastic Tank Repair.

Plastic welding services plastic water tanks including plastic welding all slimline tank in and around the city of Brisbane, plastic welding repairers to all plastic slimline rain water tanks including the stand against the wall and under eves plastic tanks

Ace Mobile Plastics repaired this 3000 litre plastic Slimline plastic water tank with splits between the cylinders ,we repaired this plastic tank for a customer in Brisbane after developing a leak a leak

For the best part of twenty years Ace mobile plastics have been repairing the iconic Slimline water tank, Plastic welding poly slimline water tanks sometimes can test your skill set as slimline tank welding at times is tricky and requires allot of expertise getting into hard to get to place’s and tight squeeze areas always proving to be difficult plastic welding plastic slimline tanks although Ace Mobile Plastics have mastered all poly slimline tank repairs providing only the best quality available.

Before the poly Slimline was plastic the previous owner tried to use silicone to repair this plastic slimline only to fail once the tank was full again. welded

Here u can easily see the plastic Slimline water tank plastic welded in black.

Slimline tanks come in many shapes and designs depending on the slimline tank brand or manufacturer who designed and developed the slimline tank leading to eventually many styles and brands to appear on the market now days.

Ace Mobile Plastics repaired this plastic slimline water tank for a lady at Burpengary north Brisbane and as you can see it’s quite an unusual design.

Slimline plastic rain water tank have now days been designed in many different shapes requiring different styles of plastic welding techniques and sometimes the different designs of poly slimline tanks requires plastic welding repair work to extend the slimline rain water tanks life

Ace Mobile Plastics repaired this Poly World plastic slimline plastic water tank for a gentleman south Brisbane after the tank failed in one of the openings causing a serious leak leading to a big mess.

When slimline plastic water tanks age sometimes the slimline water tank suffers fatigue leading to split slimline plastic tanks or varying temperatures and filling and emptying over the years causing expansion and contraction leading to your plastic slimline tank cracking open, your cracked plastic slimline tank then requires plastic welding repair to bring your tank back to life, this is where Ace Mobile Plastics is required to plastic weld your plastic slimline tank.

Ace Mobile Plastics repaired this plastic slimline tank in Capalaba for an elderly couple after they contacted us.

ace Mobile Plastics services all Brisbane suburbs including South Brisbane, East Brisbane, North Brisbane and all West Brisbane suburbs even all the surrounding suburbs so if u have a leaking plastic slimline tank or you need help with your leaking water tank feel free to contact us so we can come to inspect your leaking slimline water tank and have your leaking water tank repaired so your water tank is back in use.

Ace Mobile Plastics repair all poly plastic split damaged or split cracked water tanks using a technique called plastic welding and sometimes called poly welding.

Plastic welding repair in light green on this plastic water tank for a customer in the Western suburbs of Brisbane.

Ace mobile plastics uses only the highest quality plastic welding rod made to our specs to achieve the highest quality plastic welding strengths ever achieved. Ace Mobile Plastics carries a selection of many different grades of plastic welding rod materials to ensure the best plastic welding rod is used on the day to suit every plastic tank to achieve the highest quality first time every time.

Please contact, to arrange an on-site inspection of your poly tank today.

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