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                                                                Plastic Tractor Fuel Tank

Most plastic fuel tanks are made from different grades of (PE) Polyethylene and many are made from (PEX) or (HD-PEX) or more commonly known as X-linked or cross-linked polyethylene’s and some are made using nylon and all can be very successfully welded using different plastic welding techniques.

Ace Mobile Plastics use different types of extrusion welding equipment to do Majority of there plastic welding repairs and when use correctly will be as strong or stronger than the plastic products being repaired.

We can repair your plastic fuel tank by plastic welding your plastic fuel tank, even large damage areas are able to be plastic weld back to original shape in most cases and as strong or stronger than the original parent material of the plastic fuel tank at a price much cheaper than a new plastic fuel tank.

We come to you to do your plastic fuel tank repairs as Ace Mobile Plastics have a fully equipped  4xD Mobile work shop with all equipment and power required to do the job on board or in some cases the customer has brought the plastic fuel tank to us to repair for them like in the case of an emergency where they couldn’t wait for us to come to them to do the plastic fuel tank repair.

We are Mobile plastic fuel tank repairer that services all of (QLD) Queensland and (NSW) New South Wales and Northern (Vic) Victoria.

For more Plastic Fuel Tank Repairs inquiries and information please click here to contact our friendly team or call on 0415169734 to talk to us directly or Visit our website to see the awesome jobs we have done.  We guarantee to fix your split, crack, or damaged Plastic Fuel Tank.


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