Gold Coast Plastic welding tank repair,

Ace Mobile Plastics is in this all together, repairing another tank at Wongawallan on the Gold Coast today with a large split damaged cracked roof in one 23,000 litres Team Poly rain water tank.

Ace Mobile Plastics
Rain Water Tank Repairs

This plastic tank is buried half of its height into the ground and unfortunately has the support pole pushing through the roof as u can see in the pics.

The pole has gone through the tank roof
Ace Mobile Plastics fix the roof with ease

luckily the customer called us to assist in having the badly damaged tank roof Plastic welding repair done to save allot of dollars due to the cost to disconnect, dig out and remove the old poly tank is really a huge inconvenience not to mention the huge expense in doing so and then having to purchase a new 23,000 litre plastic tank only to have the poly tank installed again In the same spot resulting in many dollars and very unaffordable for this elderly couple in there mid seventies.

cracked roof

So Ace Mobile Plastics got to work and with out the need to empty the water tank and no need to enter inside the plastic water tank we repaired the poly water tank roof using our many years of experience and using various types of hi tech plastic welding equipment To achieve only the best results.

Roof repairs in progress

Before the customer called Ace Mobile Plastics they were told by many other companies to just dispose of the tank as the poly tank was non repairable and to just purchase a new one as they were wasting there time as the tank cannot be repaired but now they are very happy as for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new plastic tank they were able to have the old beloved poly tank repaired to extend the life of there tank.

Fix the roof in progress

As Ace Mobile Plastics always says another happy customer with another great out come

Tank Roof all finished and the tank all fixed

call Ace Mobile Plastics today to get your plastic tank repaired and save allo of $$$$

Ace Mobile Plastics
can fix all types sizes and brands of rain water tanks

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