Plastic welding leaking plastic tank Moonie Beach Coffs Harbour.

Ace Mobile Plastics was called out to inspect one leaking plastic water tank with the possibility of doing plastic welding repair work on the leaking plastic tank after being been damaged while what appears to have been sitting on unstable ground for some time in the past at the previous tank owners place prior to this gentleman receiving the leaking plastic water tank and unfortunately installing onto the water tanks new base position

Ace Mobile Plastics on-site accessing the 22,500 litres leaking plastic water tank in need of repair to the Plastic floor of the leaking plastic water tank on the Coffs Coast region near Moonie Beach.

Once Ace Mobile Plastics was on-site we quickly noticed the large 5000 gallon 22,500 litres plastic tank had two nasty splits in two separate places on the same side of the water tank not far apart from each other in the floor of the bottom of the water tank.

Ace Mobile Plastics quickly found the two large large splits in the bottom of the large 22,500 litre leaking split plastic water tank.

Before repaired.
One or two large crack found in the floor of the plastic tank.

Before repaired.
Another large split found in the floor of the plastic water tank not far from the first one indicating that there has been and issued with the plastic water tank base that the tank was sitting on at the previous owners place.

Ace Mobile Plastics accessed the damaged water tank letting our customer know the full cost to repair prior to starting any plastic welding work to his leaking plastic water tank, he was pleased to know we could repair his leaking tank and start the plastic welding job to repair his leaking water tank immediately.

So with his permission we repaired his leaking plastic water tank immediately after he informed us he needed his leaking plastic tank repaired as soon as possible to place his newly dug bore water back into the repaired plastic tanks to water his newly built gardens.
Ace Mobile Plastics repaired his water tank immediately and started to fill his repaired plastic water tank with his bore water, he thanked us for a great fast service and we were on our way to another job being pleased to have another happy customer on the day.

The two large splits plastic welding repair completed.

Ace Mobile Plastics using specialist plastic welding equipment plastic welded both splits showing in the above two pictures showing of the large splits plastic welded.

Ace Mobile Plastics repair all leaking plastic water tanks in and around the Coffs Coast region repairing all leaking water tanks using our specialised plastic extrusion welding equipment for the up most strongest plastic welding repair possible first time every time, using our plastic welding equipment we are able to do plastic welding repairs on any size, shape or brand rain water tank no matter how large or small the water tank is or how large the split cracked leaking plastic water tank is on the day.

please contact, to find out more about having your plastic water tank repaired.

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