Here at Ace Mobile Plastics we pride ourselves on plastic welding plastic tanks using highly specialized plastic welding tooling and techniques to achieve high quality high strength plastic welding repairs on every plastic water 💧 tank we repair for our customers.

Above image shows Plastic welding on this large 30,000 liter plastic water tank for our customer situated in the western outer suburb of Kenmore in Brisbane.

This plastic tank is an old Poly Tank brand of plastic tank most likely made in Caboolture by Poly Tanks while they were in operation prior to ceasing production of poly tanks in around the year 1999.

this brand of water tank like many brands made back those days were made having a vertical side seam and with age the vertical side seam developed a leak needing to be plastic welded to extend the life of this old plastic tank (Poly Tank) band of tank being now most likely around 25 plus years old now well and truly showing its age needing plastic welding to hold rain water 💧 once again.

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