This customer at Landsborough decided to repair his tank only to end up in trouble when his tank caught on fire.

How To Repair Poly Tanks ?

Can i repair my own poly water tank ?

when your poly water tank starts to leak the first reaction is to try to fix your poly water tank to save the water your loosing and running all over the ground .

customer in Wamuran tried to repair her tank using flex tape product only to leak immediately after filling again.

Most customers we repair poly water tanks for have attempted to do DIY type of repair only to realise nothing works as most products your able to purchase from hardwares just never seem to do the trick long term and most never even seal your leak in your poly water tank at all right from the beginning even causing the split in your poly water tank to become larger over time.

Our Customer near Kenmore close to Brisbane tried using fibreglass to fix his leaking slimline poly water tank unsuccessfully.

Ace Mobile Plastics have seen many attempts at repairing poly water tanks over time from Blue Tac through to silicon ,glues , fibreglass, urethane, need-it and even metal plates bolts and screws to try to patch the leaking poly water tanks.

Our customer at Fairfield near Brisbane unsuccessfully tried repairing his poly water tank using silicon.

Poly water tanks are made from resins derived from Petroleum and sit in the polyolefin families of polys making them have an oily wax type surface making adhesives impossible to stick to the surface of your poly water tank successfully
making repairing your poly water tank near impossible to repair yourself .

Our customer at Burbank near Brisbane unsuccessfully tried using some rubber and roofing screw to repair his tank .

Ace Mobile plastics provide long lasting professional repairs to all leaking damaged poly water tanks even able to plastic weld split poly water tanks even repairing large cracks in your tank bringing your poly water tank back to life once again. Plastic welding split inlets or outlets and able to poly weld new fittings onto your poly water tank using our high tech range of plastic extrusion welding equipment to bring your tank back to working order again to extent the life of your water tank.

Customer at Ningi call Ace Mobile Plastics after trying to repair there Bushmans poly water tank with silicon unsuccessfully.

Ace Mobile Plastics are the best in the business when repairing poly water tanks with damaged or collapsed poly water tank roofs bringing your tank back to like like new again without any need to empty your tank as all roof repairs are entirely done from the outside of your tank while your able to continue using your poly water tank.

Ace Mobile Plastics repair all poly items like poly rain water tank repairs, poly cartage tank repairs, poly chemical tank repairs, poly spa bath repairs, poly diesel tank repairs, poly septic tank repairs, poly kayak repairs, poly pontoon repairs, poly commercial playgrounds equipment and all poly items mostly to large to remove to take anywhere to be repaired.

Ace Mobile Plastics provide an on-site repair service with our 4wd mobile work shop ready to fix your poly water tanks at your home.

Contact Ace Mobile Plastics to arrange your free on-site upfront fixed quote ready to repair on the spot same day.

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