Ace Mobile Plastics is in the Ballina, Lennox, Bangalow, Tintenbar, Federal, Eureka and Clunes Region doing some plastic tank repairs and plastic welding on leaking plastic water tanks , plastic tank roof repairs and plastic diesel tank repairs plastic welding there tanks to seal the splits leaks and raising collapsed tank roofs.

The Ballina, Lennox, Bangalow, Tintenbar, Federal, Eureka and Clunes regions are really beautiful and has some really beautiful scenery with great coastal beaches at Ballina and Lennox on the coast with only a stone throw away there’s some interesting towns like Bangalow with some really old buildings and churches a great place to stop by and take a look around. nearby is another little secret the very small little village called Federal with only a handful of shops and very small community with allot of farming communities surrounding Bangalow and Federal like Eureka and Clunes with the iconic Macadamia farms littering the areas and some really interesting scenery with things to check out like some really old halls and buildings.

Ace Mobile Plastics repair all plastic water tanks even odd shape ones like your good old domestic house slimline plastic water tanks also known as stand against the wall through to the large acreage farmhouse farming plastic tanks used on many properties now days .

Ace Mobile Plastics also repair all types of plastic diesel tanks used in tractors and farm machinery along with plastic Cartage tanks and spray chemical tanks that sometimes develop large splits or cracks in the tanks.

Ace Mobile Plastics are plastic tank repair specialists with all the necessary equipment and materials on board our mobile workstations even carrying our own power supply in the event where there’s no accessible power close by.

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