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Poly Fuel tank repairs



Mobile Plastic welder


Water tank repairs Wynnum


Boat fuel tank repairs Bribie Island


Industrial poly plastic repairs - Commercial


Water tank repairs Caboolture


Fuel tank repairs Bribie Island


Industrial poly plastic repairs - Commercial


Water tank repairs Caboolture


Fuel tank repairs Bribie Island


Industrial poly plastic repairs - Commercial




Fuel Tank & Poly Water Tank Repairs

Have you got a leaking or damaged plastic/ poly water tank? Damaged poly water tanks, poly fuel tanks and general use poly tanks can be repaired using a method called plastic welding. Plastic welding can save on the cost of a new water tank, frieght, installation fees as well as the inconvenience of being without your water tank. Ace Mobile Plastics specialise in poly rain water tank repairs and plastic welding. Ace even repair slimline water tanks. Heaps of other products made from poly plastic, including some boats, spa baths, kayaks to chemical resistant storage tanks to water and chemical tanker trucks.

Ace Mobile Plastics guarantee to fix your leak.

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Hervy Bay Plastic welding Marybouroug



We Gurantee To FIX Your Leak




We repair water tanks of any shape - any size - any brand - even Slimline tanks

Termites like wet areas to breed inLeaking poly water tanks can lead to...

Wet areas
Termite infestations
Foundation problems

Rain water tank and slimline water tank repairs

We can weld cross link poly's

Before and After shots - Below is only some examples of what Ace Mobile Plastics can repair, including poly plastic repair before and after's. Having been in the industry for over 10 years, Ace mobile plastics should be your number one choice for poly product repairs. Contact Ace Mobile Plastics for a quote. Below, you can also view a short demonstration video on how basic plastic welding it done. You can see here, two pieces of white poly plastic being welding together using a white weld.

Plastic repair to damaged water tank
View other Ace Mobile Plastic Plastic Welding Demos here

Water tank and slim line water tank repairs
Water tank repairs - including Slim line water tanks
Poly water tank repairs Brisbane Area
Water tank plastic welding repairs

Poly water tank repairs
Coloured poly chemical tanks and water tanks

Chemical Tank repairs Brisbane
Coloured bulk poly chemical tanks and water tanks

Poly spray tank repairs
Spray tank for 4 wheeler quad bike - FOR SALE
Plastic poly water tanks
Poly water tank repairs - all shapes and sizes
Brisbane plastic welder
Poly tanker repairs
Chemical tank repairs Redcliffe
Poly Chemical Tank Repairs
Poly water tank repairs - Sunshine Coast
Poly Water Truck Tank Repairs
Poly tank repairs Caboolture
Poly Tank Repairs
Poly tanker truck and chemical tanks
Tanker Truck Chemical and Water storage tanks
Bulk Chemical storage tanks Poly
Bulk Chemical Storage Tank Repairs

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Poly Fuel Tank Repairs

Poly Motorbike fuel tank repairs

Poly Motorcycle Fuel Tank - Material cross link polyethylene

We can weld cross link poly's

Cross link polyethylene is known to be an un-weldable plastic. Ace Mobile Plastic specialise in welding repairs of cross link poly. Many fuel tanks for motorbikes and cars as well as holding tanks for bobcats, earthmoving equipment, logging machines tractors and the like, are made from cross link polyethylene. Ace Mobile Plastics are currently one of the ONLY cross link poly welders worldwide. Ace mobile plastics can save you money, on costly cross link polyethylene fuel tank and tank repairs. Ace Mobile Plastics can also weld cross link polys ON SITE, this means we can even repair most boat fuel tanks.


Poly plastic fuel tank repair
BEFORE - Split poly plastic fuel tank
After - poly fuel tank repair Brisbane north
AFTER - Repaired poly fuel tank
Poly welding repairs
EXAMPLE - Poly Fuel Tank

Poly welding Brisbane
REPAIR - Poly Fuel Tank Repair

polyethlyene, poly proyplene, P.V.D.F, C.P.V.C, U.P.V.C, A.B.S, Nylon
Cross Link Poly >XPE<
Poly Water Tank Repairs
Damaged fuel tanker tank
BEFORE - Split poly transporter tank
Repair to damaged fuel tanker storage tankPoly Transporter tank
AFTER - Repaired poly transporter tank

Leaking watertank repairPlastic Welding Brisbane
BEFORE AND AFTER - Leaking water tank repair

Water tank repair servicesAce mobile plastics services Brisbane and surrounds
BEFORE (A poly repair by a competitor) VS the repair by Ace Mobile Plastics

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